[Q&A] Kodin: 'Making music is sh*t! Don't do it!'

After talking to QO as part of our interview series for the Let it Roll coverage, it is now time for us to give our readers some insight on who and what they will be able to hear at this year’s Broken Balkanz festival.

Apart from being the first open-air festival to ever appear in Bulgaria, Broken Balkanz remains the oldest drum and bass festival in Eastern Europe and the only DnB festival  where the music goes on, full force, no stopping for full 48 hours. For the sixteen years it has existed, characterized with breathtaking views and unmatched intimacy, the festival has become a tradition for local bass lovers. Each year Broken Balkanz welcomes more than 40 different artists, compiling the best from Bulgaria, the Balkans and the World.

For our first interview for this edition of the Balkanz we head to Zagreb, Croatia to meet a man of many names. With releases for Eatbrain, Mindtech Recordings, Close 2 Death Recordings, Macabre Unit Digital and more, our guest is also part of the essential DNBKonferencija, not to mention being a member of a “three-piece Industrial/Groove Metal” band called Mass Hypnosis. When it comes to techno he goes under the name of The Recorder, however, if you’d like to hear his trip hop works, you’d have to search for Kloin (and seriously DO, this guy’s ‘TopPicks’ are absolutely vibing!!!), as for his mother, she probably calls him Dinko. Some may say this guy is a musical mastermind, to me he’s just a schizophrenic as this interview is with Kodin! Wish y’all a fine read!


Hey, Dinko! You're part of the powerful Croatian delegacy that is about to perform at Broken Balkanz. What do you know about the festival and what do you expect of it?

Hi! Hell yeah! Can't wait to visit Broken Balkanz and Bulgaria for the first time, I'm traveling with my good friends, and will meet some old and new ones when I get there! Friends all around XD. I know about Broken Balkanz for years and I always wanted to come there but never had a chance to visit! Wicked festival with balkan-only names, big respect, its honor to play there! Long live the music!

It seems as if the Croatian DnB scene is thriving at the moment and that it has prospered a lot during the last couple of years. What is the secret behind this rapid, and most importantly- united growth? To what extent did import festivals, like Outlook, and local gatherings, like DNBKonferencija, help this development?

Hehehe, I can only laugh about this, this is not true, maybe it looks like this from the outside, dnb in Croatia I must say sucks, nothing is happening and its getting worse every year, I know everybody talks about Outlook Festival but its English festival in Croatia and its on the seaside and only in summer. Its a festival with many tourists that came there from all over the world, not so many Croatians there. Its amazing festival and amazing place, my favorite place for sure, but it can't represent Croatia dnb scene IMO and its not even dnb festival its a multi-genre festival with just one part of it being dnb. 

DNBKonferencija, its a dnb conference with Croatia artists only and for me its probably the best only dnb one night party of the year with 3 floors inside old building in Zagreb, but thats it, nothing else and again its once a year. There are some parties with dnb, but no real pure dnb parties. People just dot listen to dnb in Croatia these days, they listened to it long time before but there was some generation skips that shrinked the scene, a lot, but now its all just very disappointing if you ask me, to the point you can't make a decent party with any of international artists and expect enough people to show up to support it, be certain you gonna pay from your pocket for this thing. Woohooo! DNB4LIFE <3

With releases for labels like Eatbrain, Mindtech and others, we would rather say that you are the most firmly standing Croatian on the international DnB scene. How tough was it for you to become a recognized brand on the world scene? What was the price you paid for that?

Recognized? In Croatia maybe on the world scene no :D. Only release on Eatbrain was collab with my good friend Billain, a lot of fun with that FFS. The price I paid is what everybody who makes music knows already, but for others, it goes like this: first you loose some friends cause your best friend is now cubase, then you don't eat enough, dont sleep enough, don't go out enough, don't spend time with your girlfriend enough and even don't workout enough. It shit, don't do it LOL!    

Apart from drum and bass, you also produce other types of electronic music. In your opinion, does the presence of so much different genres restrain the growth of Bass music?

I don't think it restrains anything, every type of music for me is the same, if you feel it then its good that's why I always liked experimenting with music cause you can't just stick around same music, we all need inspiration from all genres i think, this is what gets us somewhere new, so it all evolves together, and when your surrounded with a lot of friend musicians you just then get to listen their taste filtered stuff so you hear the best of the genre usually or get interested enough. Today there is so much music, 99% of it you could potentially like is probably hidden somewhere out there behind 1% dominating shit your surrounded with on tv and radio. I made a lot of music in my life, from hiphop, triphop, breaks, techno, techouse, funk, dubstep, etc and im still producing all types of genres even if its only for experimenting and having fun, but i produce mostly dnb and some dubstep or techno.

Your skills are more than just impressive, and that goes both for in the studio and behind the decks. What are your artistic priorities? Do you emphasize on crafting perfect tracks or on putting perfect mixes together?

Tnx for your "my face is red" words! I don't have priorities, just imagination and feel, or inspiration and idea, or just fishing for tunes :D Live mixing in front of people is the best way to experience dnb for me, especially when there is wicked monitor system on the stage and you have 3 CDJs in front of you. 

Thank you for your time! Wish something to the readers!

Thank you for the interview, respect from Croatia! 
Readers make a wish it will come true on Broken Balkanz

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