Canada based Black Tuna Recordings with a new Comiplation

Black Tuna Recordings proudly presents the 'One Ounce Compilation' featuring fourteen original joints all bagged up in one place. This one's for the label heads. The "One Ounce" is our 28th release, and treats you to our first year of releases, each with their own style and flavour. With tracks by Aversive, Brockout, Capital J, Fat Pat, Hedway, Hex, Kursa, Levrige, Metafloor, and more!

The LP contains 14 tracks, most of them Drum and Bass. There are also several Trip-Hop, Glitch Hop and Electronica tunes. Here is the complete tracklist:

1. Hedway - At You (Stickbubbly Remix) [Drum & Bass]
2. Kursa, Fat Pat - Supa Gut (Original Mix)[Glitch Hop]
3. Chris Komus - Second Chamber (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
4. Aversive, Miss Fudge - You Know feat. Miss Fudge (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
5. Pound - Sands of Time (Original Mix) [Trip Hop]
6. Levrige - Samhain (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
7. Capital J - You Got Me (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
8. Hedway - This Movement (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
9. Metafloor - Original (Original Mix) [Electronica]
10. Fat Pat - Liquifried (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
11. Brockout - Miracle (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
12. Loophertz - High Wire (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
13. Kurt Funk - High Technology (Original Mix) [Drum & Bass]
14. Hex - No Forgiveness (Gloom Mix) [Drum & Bass]

Release Date: 6th July 2016
Source: Black Tuna Recordings
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