Black Tuna pres. BTR027: Sour D - Gone Bad

Established in 2014, Black Tuna Recordings (BTR) is an independent record label run by a group of dedicated producers and DJs. BTR is focused on offering top quality music and promoting the community-focused lifestyle that goes with it. 

Black Tuna Recordings presents Sour D and his single "Gone Bad". Sour D is a Canadian producer from Cambridge, Ontario offering up a fresh flavour with gritty analogue synths, and punchy, rhythmic patterns. "Gone Bad's" energy hits you instantly with bright synth pads, filtered drum sequences, and a snare drum that cracks! The bassline creeps into the mix setting a dark rolling tone partnered with a brass section that excites the mix. Sour D is a welcomed addition to the BTR roster, and "Gone Bad" is the perfect introduction.

Release Date: 18th June 2016

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