Warfare Recordings pres. WFREP007 - Neuro Culture EP

Warfare Recordings growing stronger every day and never stops it's development. The Bulgarian-based label was launched just two years ago, yet it already put together an impressive catalogue of six EP releases. Hosting music by some of the top-notch Bulgarian producers, international artists like Insom, Space Journey, Creeping Ruin and 2Whales have also released on the label. The organization managed to establish stable partnerships with Druid Records, GTA Recordings, Metafiziq Recordings and others, receiving more and more support on the international neurofunk scene.

The label is now ready to announce its seventh EP. After the last couple of releases came from abroad, behind the beats on these two tracks we get to hear the very founders of Warfare. With their on-point tracks, Faith, Pandemic and Techdown show us yet again how easily they work with one another. The three announced their joint collaboration that goes under the name of Funk Aesthetics. Needless to say, the Neuro Culture EP gives you two perfectly engineered tracks, covering all criteria for proper neurofunk. With the latest release the three aim to push both Warfare's vision and sound forward.

The title track Neuro Culture is a killer mixture between modern sound and a heavyweight bass line. In the track you can also hear MC Primitiff, who managed to pick up the rhythm perfectly, giving the track its finishing touch. Track two goes under the name of Cerberus and is a musical interpretation of the hound of Hades. Just like a three-headed dog, the three producers deliver their first collaborative studio project.

Neuro Culture EP will be released on: 13.06.16.

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