[Q&A] Transparent: I love that dnb is branching out and firing fresh groove

We've always wanted to show our readers that Dub and everything that emanated from it is based on nothing but pure experiments, showing more of the artist's personal perception instead of regularities and restrictions. Or at least, that's how we think it should be, as now a huge part of the bass scene rests on humdrum and clichés. In order to keep it interesting for you, we decided to give you a different point of view and way of thinking, thus we contacted  Jevon Ives, also known as Transparent.

Transparent is a well known name on the British underground scene, but like other devoted colleagues of his, people in neurofunk-conquered Europe are not so familiar with his works. Recently, the artist released an EP for Robustus' label - Temple Audio. The tracks rather describe his more unconventionally sounding works and came out with his second artistic alias- Jevon Ives. This inspired us to interview him and talk about the not-so-popular minimal drum and bass and his connection with experimental bass music.

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Hey, Jevon! You're mostly famous for your Minimalistic DnB alias Transparent. Tell us, how well are minimal DnB and the genres close to it being accepted by the audience?

Hey guys!

Minimal dnb (especially in the UK) is more for the underground audience or ‘for the heads’ as we sometimes say. I think the people who keep up to date with the movement accept it alot more then the majority of general music lovers.

How often is is that you participate in clubs? What's the number of visitors when you play? How many people like this style of DnB and do they have a common profile?

I get a steady amount of club bookings in and out of the country but nothing regular enough to earn a living from. The amount of people who turn up depends on what event it is and who else is on the line up. If its an underground event, the volume of people wont ever be as high but the vibe will always be deep.

Loads of Minimalistic DnB artists share that Techno had a strong influence on them. What is your pre-DnB musical profile?

I listen and try to take influences from to any form of music. I think techno has big influences on minimal dnb as it is so industrial and hard hitting.

Recently you released an EP for Robustus' new label- Temple Audio (see the article). Tell us more about it.

I started messing around with vocals on some of the alternative music i have been making. I managed to finish writing a few lyrics and decided to lay them down too see what it sounded like. I was prettyy happy with the outcome so i decided to upload a few of them to a new soundcloud page ‘Jevon Ives’. Robustus got in contact with me informing me about his new label and asked if i wanted to release the tunes as 001. I was happy he asked as i didnt know what other people would think at first so a few weeks later...BAM... its up on Bandcamp!

What are the crossing points and fundamental differences of Minimalistic DnB and Trip-Hop?

Trip Hop is in the same category as minimal dnb as it is roughly the same speed there for makes mixing fun and interesting. I think the new ‘WAVES’ series that Flexout are bringing out is crazy and has so much potential. I love that dnb is branching out and firing fresh grooves.

In your opinion, to what extent do different genres in Bass music speak the same language? Is it only roots that they share, or would you say they also have a common future?

I think bass music is mostly listened to by the same kind of crowd. If you like minimal dnb, you will most probably like minimal techno or dark dubstep. Same goes for if you like soulful future garage, you will most probably share the love for liquid dnb.

Last question. It seems as if you like working on music that "sounds slower than it's actual BPM is". Where does this passion come from and what do you like the most about this type of music?

I love all speeds and genres. I try not to hold myself down or isolate myself from any particular style of music. If it sounds good, i will try to make it work!

Thank you for your time! Wish something to the readers!

Thanks guys! Big up to everyone supporting the cause!


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