Titan Records pres. 5 years of Titan: Part 1

Release Date: June 10th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 27th May
Label: Titan Records

Five years of forward-thinking fire: A.M.C’s Titan imprint is set to celebrate half a decade of innovative, club-focused drum & bass in a major way this year with its first album project. 

Loaded with 100% exclusive tracks, ‘Five Years Of Titan’ comprises the most exciting names on the label and in the game at large. Flexing the full strong-armed range Titan has stayed true to since inception, the album galvanises the original ethos the label has always been built on: creativity, originality and the ability to smash a venue to pieces.

The celebrations start right here with an outrageous techy bang courtesy of two of the labels best-selling artists of last year: label founder A.M.C and one of Czechia’s biggest names in drum & bass A Cray. Naturally, neither artist disappoints…

First up: A.M.C step forth with his remix of A Cray’s ‘Diverted’ like a confident peacemaker wading into a gang battle. No questions, no second thoughts, just a plain gutter-blasting tech twist that pays full respect to A Cray’s original twisted bass riff while adding even more face-melting dynamics.

Benchmark set: A Cray follows with all production guns blazing. Gradually building up the range from Smith & Wesson to AK47, A Cray fires out the bass with rifle-like tech menace. A total oblivion tune, this is guaranteed to melt faces, minds and walls on every club appearance.

Creative, original, venue-smashing: these are just two reasons to stay locked to Titan’s celebrations this year. The five year anniversary chaos starts here… And if you thought the last five years were forward-thinking fire, just wait until you see what they have in store in the future!

Source: Cygnus Music
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