PTF021: Endigo - Doppler / Salem

Platform Music seeks to sign the best upcoming artists on the international dubstep scene. Numerous talented producers have found their way into music through the Bulgarian organization before releasing tracks for some of the most renown companies in the branch. It has been long since the people at Platform Music proved they are specialists in finding new, fresh talents which later rapidly prosper in the company of the bigger names on the label. Speaking of fresh talent - it is time we mentioned American Endigo, who is expected to be one of the future big names on the dubstep scene.

Endigo is an upcoming producer born and living in Los Angeles. Recently he gathered attention with a couple of releases for local labels as well as a few impressive free tracks, which gained him the respect of dubstep listeners in the US. Characterized with loads of dark elements and aggressive sounds, his works engulf the full spectrum of deep 140-bpm. Endigo’s spot-on sets and the increase of his club appearances show that apart from his growth as a producer, he is also a thriving DJ and performer.

Immediately after Demon himself, it is now time for the American to step in and drop a gem on Platform, a task not so simple indeed. In his first release for the label, Endigo presents two tracks- “Doppler” and “Salem”. These particular two - somewhat of a bridge between the “then” and “now” of dubstep music - carry the powerful charge of the “Old-school”, yet presented in a new, contemporary manner. With his debut EP Endigo finds the perfect way to give us the sound sought after by Platform Music, a prerequisite for his future growth as an artist, both on the label and the international dubstep scene.

PTF021 is going to be released оn the 23rd of May 2016. Yesterday Platform Music uploaded the first Soundcloud preview. Today Bass Blog Bulgaria gives you the second cut from the EP too:

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