Platform Showcase @ Sub.FM with a new host

It’s been a while since Platform Music first launched their monthly radio show on Sub.FM. So far almost every edition of the Platform Showcase was hosted by either Basscatz or Jamez Bongg (two aliases adopted by label manager Martin Donovski) with rare appearances by the younger artists on the label. The show focuses on what’s new on the platform, as well as other bass music, similar to the sound they are after. Each edition also presents a guest mix, courtesy of a different artist every time.

The next Platform Showcase will be broadcasted on May the 14th at 17:00 GMT on Sub.FM; this is also when the new hosts will make their debut. The upcoming editions of the show will be presented by the British duo DyAD, which is expected to anchor the forthcoming showcases. DyAD are among the most respected DJs in the Platform family. That is not the only change on the way, as the content on the show will also be different. Apart from presenting what’s new in the basket, Platform’s showcase will now emphasize on newcomer artists - each broadcast will have three parts, during the third of which you will hear a guest mix.

In this way Platform Music makes an attempt to develop a modern radio show, which hopefully will evolve successfully, pushing the brand and the concept of the label forward. Apart from the showcase’s new format, the organisation will also present a series of powerful releases, as the release schedule for the year is almost full. Incoming on the platform are two gruesomely awesome tracks, crafted by Endigo. The first LP will land on the label a couple of weeks later and this time it’s the French duo Kantyze on the beats.
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