Platform Music start the pre-sale of their vinyl series

Platform Music made a huge step forward by deciding to release on vinyl. In the label's catalogue you can now find a total of 20 releases, crafted by the reliable core of well-known artists inside the organization alongside a wide range of rapidly progressing newcomers.The first release to come out on vinyl will be PTF021, courtesy of Endigo. It is expected that a big part of the forthcoming music on Platform will come out on 10" as well.

It is planned that all changes concerning the merchandise will kick-off till the end of June when the label will launch their new website with a renewed 'Shop' section. Apart from wax, USB flash drives, artworks, clothing and other items connected to the label will also be available on the shop. Just in case they don't irritate their fans too much, Platform Music are putting a limited edition of 100 record copies of their first physical release up for pre-sale. 'Doppler / Salem' will be up for grabs on the Bandcamp profile of the label from Monday, with prices around 10 pounds. The records have custom-made slip-covers, also included in the price.

The first limited batch of vinyl, as well as the forthcoming ones will be available for order on a pre-sale principle, with shipments every Monday. The next release to come out on digital format will also come out on wax and on flash drives, thus Platform will properly celebrate the first LP to ever land on the label and this time it's Kantyze on the beats. The French duo will try to surprise their fans with a couple of impressive tracks which will be distributed on three different formats, all of which will be available on different distributive platforms. More info on the forthcoming album will be available soon.
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