Platform is becoming a vinyl label

Platform Music is a label, launched in Bulgaria in 2012. For the short time it’s been around, the organization put together a catalogue of 20 official releases and turned into a globally distinguished dubstep brand. The latest EP on the label was submitted by Demon (creator of Macabre Unit Digital/ Vinyl). Looking at the previous releases on the label, we find loads of eminent bass music producers who publish dubstep exclusively for Platform:  Balkansky, Disphonia, L 33, Camelorg, Kantyze. Among the big names, other upcoming artists also find their place on the label i.e. Vallew, DyaD, Rufus, Myth, Ex Nihilo, Endigo and others.

After firmly proving itself as a successful label for digital music with loads of sales on the bigger online musical shops, Platform Music continues its advance turning onto a new direction. The label’s slogan is “Moving Forward”, which is the main reason for the constant growth of the organization. The next stage of this prosperity includes distributing music on physical formats, in this case, we’re talking of custom-made vinyl and flash drive releases. Thus, the label aims to attract the attention of vinyl DJs and provide collector’s items for its fans. A step like this implies not only that the label has evolved, but also that the people at Platform are not afraid to take risks. Currently, dubstep is not at it’s hayday. A lot of vinyl distributors find themselves bankrupt or at least find it hard to make a living out of wax. Deadlines often are not met, while loads and loads of vinyl stays locked in storage instead of being sold. In hard times like these Platform Music fights to sustain the beauty of music. A task like this is not an easy one and most certainly requires a lot of work to accomplish but the team behind the label has proven that they do not give up so easily and that Moving Forward is what they do best.

The first official vinyl release on the platform will be PTF021, courtesy of American DJ and producer Endigo. A couple of weeks after the EP the first LP, crafted by Kantyze, to ever land on the label will be pressed on wax as well. In the following months, Platform Music has loads of new music to present, with two more albums on the way! In addition to the latter releases, listeners will be able to order older releases on vinyl as well, however prices will be slightly higher. It is expected that a lot of new goods will soon appear on Platform Music’s fan store, which will broaden the organization’s impact. Most items will be available on the label’s Bandcamp, which will be the main distributive platform at least for now.

Expect more news around Platform Music! The label is currently in an absolute boom and is at a very important stage of its development. Bass Blog Bulgaria will keep you on track with everything you need to know about the Platform, and the best is yet to come!
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