Othercide pres. OTHCD004 - Projection EP by Machine Code

Release Date: May 27th, 2016
Label: Othercide
Catalog Number: OTHCD004
Source: Cygnus Music

Dean Rodell and Current Value blend drum & bass, techno and ‘machine step’ into their Machine Code alias, and are proud to present their new Projection release. The Berlin-based duo have combined their talents for labels such as Eatbrain, C4C, Badtaste and Subsistenz, with the new music seeing the light on Othercide Records.

With over two decades’ worth of experience between them, Dean and Value operate their own Subdivision Studio in Berlin, blasting out hit after hit across the d&b, dubstep and techno genres, and beyond. The new EP contains three original tracks and a Machine Code remix, so don’t sleep, just get ready for Projection.

The title cut busts and blasts its way into existence, strange samples leading the way. Insistent, futuristic beats slide over the top, setting you up for something big. The track moves through a range of levels, as the producers open up more and more, accessing new sounds and emotions. This is serious, cutting edge music, and a fantastic start to the EP. The Germ follows suit, with deep bass already obvious in the intro, before all hell breaks loose at the drop. Twisted, twisting samples and effects pour themselves in and out of the mix, as a haunting melody line turns and shifts, rising and falling. Shining and shimmering, don’t lose the real meaning of this one - it’s a killer.

Infiltrating is the first track on Side B. This one builds up, levelling out with some explosive beats and equally enticing low end. Let the infection take over your being, as Dean Rodell and Current Value take things to the next level. And closing things out is the Machine Code remix of Artificial Organism by Homeboy. Here, the track opens with electronic flashes, a ticking beat and a steady sense of anticipation. This is paid off by a fantastic drop, after which the true genius of the remix is slowly uncovered, via a spine chilling breakdown and rebuild.
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