Med School pres. MEDIC59: - Room 414 by The Erised

A five-piece band isn’t something you’d expect to be linked to drum and bass label Med School but The Erised’s elegant approach adds yet another string to Med School’s forward-thinking bow. A unique collective from Ukraine, The Erised includes drum & bass producers Detail and Hidden Element, dancer turned singer/songwriter Sonya together with a collective of jazz, rock and pop musicians.

The band’s impressive 2015 debut release, the “Desire” EP, included the supremely popular “Pray” and “It’s Over“, immediately capturing the attention of music fans across Europe and beyond.

Fast forward one year and The Erised are set to unveil their debut album, 'Room 414', a mature, impassioned creation that explores the band's vast emotional landscape. Sonya's voice is more absorbing than ever before, delicately crafting tales of sorrow and heartbreak before seducing the listener with her trademark, mesmerising choruses.

The Erised's moody instrumental textures capture a fine balance between tragic and euphoric, fire and water, spring and autumn. No track is the same, as every minute passes, the journey continues.

'Room 414' is a landmark moment for both the band and the label, as all involved take a step into the unknown with this truly magnificent album.


1. The Erised - Spring
2. The Erised - Velvet
3. The Erised - Take Me
4. The Erised - Pray
5. The Erised - Interlude
6. The Erised - In My Car
7. The Erised - Move On
8. The Erised - Liar
9. The Erised - Room 414
10. The Erised - It's Over
11. The Erised - Periphery
12. The Erised - Even If
13. The Erised - Autumn
14. The Erised - Ghost

Release Date: 3rd June 2016
Source: Med School Music

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