Mayan Audio pres. You Should EP by Kung

Kung is a drum & bass producer from Granada, Spain, and he proudly presents his new You Should EP on the amazing Mayan Audio label. MYN013 showcases three slabs of Kung's sound, which has previously seen him issue music on Ammunition Records, Melting Pot and Suspect Device. His beats have been supported by the likes of Misanthrop, Jade, Billain, Axiom and more, and is always cooking up new music across drum & bass and dubstep for new labels internationally. Mayan is the perfect home for the new EP, which you know You Should get to know.

The title cut moves from a beautiful, open intro which blends strings and stirring drums, through to a dubby, grubby main section dominated to a flowing, rolling bassline. Balanced by some fine melodic touches, this is a great introduction to the man and his music. A drop-down, groove-on part comes along, before Kung picks the pace up again at the end. Mug Shot is more intense, more driving. It builds up and out, before the producer slams things down into a crunching neuro lead, destroying all opposition and inviting you into the music, mind, body and soul. This is the future of drum & bass, not afraid to break boundaries and borders. Feel the flow of Mug Shot.

Pinnacle brings everything together. A wide-scale, cinematic intro incorporates ethereal, epic sounds with a sense of foreboding and wonder, before Kung blasts out on all cylinders, with a minimal yet complex blend of electronics, vocal samples and interesting, building beats. Bringing in influence from dubstep and beyond, Pinnacle is a bold statement in electronic music. The producer is re-writing the rule book, laying claim to something new, something fresh.

Let the music guide you to MYN013, an EP full of bold, dynamic music from a producer on the rise. You really Should.

Beatport Exc: 2nd May
Artist: Kung
Release Name: You Should EP 
Worldwide Release: 16th may
Label: Mayan Audio

Source: Mayan Audio
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