Funkware with brand new LP

Just half a year after his last LP, Funkware announces a new album

Funkware's plentiful output has been emphasized before, but nobody expected that he would drop another LP just half an year after the last one. And unlike the latter, here the keyword is diversity. Chill tunes, frisky tunes, smooth tunes, it is all part of the game - all soaked with vocals, oozing out through the speakers. From delicate jazziness to fast-paced funkalicious boogie - all usual Funkstuff Recordings business, FSR003CD should let everyone find their personal gem inside. Without downgrading the rest, pay attention to All I Really WantTwo of UsOn and On, and of course the title track Impossible Winner, which could be taken as an allegory for Funkware's musical career.

Release dates:
CD Pre-Order: 02. May 2016
Digital: TBA
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