Fokuz Recordings pres. FOKUZ083 - Sweet Magnolia EP by Seba

The allmighty Seba returns in the FOKUZ Recordings catalogue with a brand new heavy release. The Swedish producer is amongst the most respected artists on the Liquid Ddum and Bass scene. His tracks are complete masterpieces, full of deep sounds, melodical elements and pure basslines. In the early June FOKUZ Recordings will release Seba's newest 2-tracks EP, called 'Sweet Magnolia'.

FOKUZ083 starts with the elegant tittle track, build over the charming vocals by the British singer Jenna G. The second track is called 'A Little Closer' delievers the soulful Seba's sound, build over a clean drum sections and trippy atmospheres, strenghtened by the beautiful voice of Jenna G.

Release date: Early June
Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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