DMNDSEL003: Owneath - Selects #3 - Bokomaru EP

From the depths of Eastern Europe (Ukraine) we're happy to introduce: Owneath. 

We couldn't ever pronounce his real name so Vova, as we call him, has studied sound design and is working in this field. With not even a handful tracks out, this guy has already reached a high level of production and has proven that he's capable to produce quality sounding tracks. Rest assured that's not even his best attribute - as he's one guy that definitely isn't lacking creativity.

The Bokomaru EP starts of with "Juku" a sinister stepper with lot's of switches, drum fills and little vocal cuts to keep it interesting. The title track "Bokomaru" on the other hand is inspired by the half beat 20/20 sound being pushed at the moment. Funky, heavy, bassy... everything you need for a good head nodder. It ties very well with "Pay Me" only that, that one goes a bit deeper but never losses the roughness. And when you're done with that you'll be served the progressive "Overload" which is a journey through the depths of deepnes in what we could imagine as being an intro track to a Doc Scott, Loxy or D-Bridge set.
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