Concussion Records pres. CNCSN003 - Hemisphere / Dose Remix by Bowsar

Release Date: May 30th, 2016
Label: Concussion Records
Catalog Number: CNCSN003

Austria’s Bowsar is steeped in music. From roots in hip hop, downbeat, experimental electronic music and jazz, to influences like The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Up, Bustle & Out and more, the producer was first exposed to drum & bass back in 2004. Years of perfecting his art led to releases on Mindtech Recordings, Eatbrain, Disturbed, Syndrome Audio, Modulate, Close 2 Death and many more.

Now, he’s responsible for Concussion Records’ new one, Hemisphere, which is coupled with a remix from the one and only Dose. The label’s philosophy of focusing on the deeper and darker side of the music, and promoting neurofunk, is the perfect recipe for Bowsar’s frenetic beats,

The original mix is a masterpiece. Shifting from an airy and ethereal opening, the track soon moves into some deeper, more resonant territory. Flickering electronics give way to caustic, ruffneck beats and a classic metallic neuro b-line. Bowsar steps up to the challenge of putting together something new, but which can still be easily identified by fans old and new. Representing the whole Hemisphere and beyond, the producer evokes the past, present and the future as only one wholly dedicated to the music can do. Don’t watch the second part, as you’ll be skanking uncontrollably as Bowsar breaks things down only to build them back up. Simply essential.

New Zealander Dose is no stranger to the art of the remix. Previous projects have seen him work on tracks from Mindscape, Optiv, Black Sun Empire and more. Here, he adds some major flavour to the original track, increasing the frequencies and putting reverb and depth to the beats and bass. There’s a vocal snatch thrown in, more electronics and a different feel to Dose’s version too, with both speed and clarity in the new production. What it retains in the urgency, the clamour, and the love of the music. This never goes away. Dose was the perfect choice for the Hemisphere remix, and you’ll soon hear why.

More great music from Concussion, take a trip around the Hemisphere. The EP is going to be released in both vinyl and digital formats.

Source: Cygnus Music
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