Cause4Concern pres. C4CDIGUK032: Squaremouth EP

Release Date: June 13th
Beatport Digital: May 30th
Label: Cause4Concern
Catalog Number: C4CDIGUK032
Source: Cygnus Music

Early support by Friction and Noisia on their radio shows

After a successful release on Optiv's Red Light imprint, Italian crew Inward, Hanzo and Randie find themselves on Cause4Concern, for C4CDIGUK032, the Squaremouth EP.

Stretching back to 2009, the DJs and producers have blended their metal and IDM influences to create a unique dark and technical neurofunk sound, with elements of jungle and breakcore which has been supported along the way by artists like Optiv himself, BTK, Crissy Criss, S.P.Y, Mindscape, Chris.SU and many more.

With music also issued on Maztek's Subculture Music and Nocid Business, their following has only increased. Now, another step forward is the new EP, which features various combinations of the crew, plus a killer remix. Things kick off with Inward, Hanzo and Randie's Jaws, which slides in with an almost liquid feel, before dropping down into uncharted seas. The bass on this one is simply huge, and to he production perfect. Expect this one to smash the doors off wherever you hear it. Inward and Hanzo then contribute N-Talk, which is as loud if not louder than its predecessor. Booming, complex drums fade in and out of the mix, swooping and twisting around the bassline pressure. The producers are not afraid of creating something different, something unexpected, and those that like to voyage into the unknown will not be disappointed. Bold new drum & bass music for your ears.

N4mskull then teams up with Hanzo and Randie for the intense, building Sajuuk. Let this one take over as the musicians drop hit after hit, beat after beat. The future of neurofunk is here, and it is screaming out to be heard. Serious musicianship comes into play on Sajuuk, blending strings and synths with relentless rhythm patterns. Keep it rolling.

Closing things out is Inward, Hanzo and Randie's remix of Cause4Concern's massive Gas Chamber. The Italian crew layer new sounds onto the track, t urning it to their will and placing their stamp on it. Pulsating, moving and drawing you in, the Gas Chamber remix will surely go down as one of the remixes of the year. Make sure you grab it, and the whole EP, right now.

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