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Bass Blog Bulgaria ( walked a long way for the short time it’s been around. Initially launched as a regular blog, the website turned into one of the most frequently read media platforms for bass music in Bulgaria and the region for less than two years. With over 700 publications, more than 30 participants in the mix series and a solid number of regular readers behind our back, the platform finally managed to bring a united and strong team together. The site expanded its interest promoting new styles of music and continues to aim towards publishing both ably and consistently, thus, keeping our fans satisfied.

The next step of the page’s progress will be the launch of a series of releases, labeled LFREE. The initiative starts with a two-track EP, courtesy of Bulgarian Dubstep project Basscatz. The issue consists of Ladscapes and Pepper, both are proper 140 bpm steppers, characterized with a solid and deep sounding (just the way we like it). Regardless of the fact that this is their first release on the platform, it is the last you’ll ever hear from the project. Basscatz officially seizes to exist after a couple of years on the local bass scene. Lately the project was solely pushed by one of its creators- Martin Donovski. The artist, however, has decided to leave his previous performances behind and focus on his new alias - DEEPENDZ.

Unlike Basscatz, DEEPENDZ won’t be focusing on dubstep music only. The project will emphasize on all different bass genres, as they have already finished some hip-hop, grime, downtempo and 170+ tracks. Of course, dubstep will not be left behind, as DEEPEDNZ will release deep Dubstep exclusively for Platform Music (Martin Donovski’s label). Outside this organization, DEEPENDZ will concentrate on collaborating with some of the most renown emcees out there like MC Coppa, Janset and Dyno, to name but a few. The project already has two tracks behind it’s back which can be found on the new album of British grime sharks Virus Syndicate, named Symptomatic. You can even see the official video of Psychopath:

The successful collaboration between DEEPEDNZ and Virus Syndicate also helped for the first release of the new project, due to drop on the Manchester band’s label - Midication Recordings. The EP’s expected to consist of a couple of tracks, featuring not only heavy bass lines, but some of the leading emcees on the scene as well.

"When we herd their sound we were blown away! Dark, twisted, intense.... We instantly loved it!!  Since then we worked on a number of collaborations together and have developed a great friendship with the guys and are really excited to release their music on our Midication imprint next to people like Lady Leeshur, Son Of Kick, Dyno and Teddy Killerz. DeepEndz are definitely ones to watch!!!" - JSD, Virus Syndicate

LFREE001 will be officially out on June 13th and will be up for grabs on Bass Blog Bulgaria (same as ‘Low Frequencies’) Bandcamp page. The EP will be absolutely free, however, donations will be warmly accepted, just in case someone wants to help site’s progress. Part of the tracks can be found on our YouTube page as well. It is expected that there will be more releases with the catalogue name LFREE in the future, featuring various bass music.
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