Northbase: Waiting EP by Nemesis

Release Date: May 1st, 2016
Label: Nemesis
Catalog Number: NRD022

Silver, Splice and Prophecy make up Manchester’s finest, North Base. After cuts on Viper Recordings, New State Music, V Records, Wheel & Deal Records, Sin City and more, they return to hometown imprint Nemesis Recordings for the release of the Waiting EP, six booming and blasting tunes which are sure to rock their way through 2016 and beyond.

After a succession of remixes for Ms Dynamite, Laidback Luke, SL2 and others, North Base have been supported by the likes of Sub Focus, MistaJam and Matrix & Futurebound to name a few. Diverse and high quality throughout, the Waiting EP is set to stun.

Down System leads things off, warming things off with an ominous, creeping intro and tougher than leather electronic kicks. Fans old and new will appreciate the sound of this one, as it makes the perfect start to this dynamic EP. Next is Now We’re Talkin, which continues the vibe, with some nice keyboard melodies flowing over the top of the drums. Taking cues from influences like Daft Punk and Andy C, this one firmly has the North Base Stamp all over it.

How Do I Know is the third track, which take a more contemplative and soulful path, with mournful female vocals flowing over a rolling break. Something for all the liquid soldiers out there, this one is really something special. Strings and chords move in and out of the mix, resulting in a track of perfect balance and emotion. Get locked into Blurred Vision, which draws in elements of the old skool rave sound to give the EP yet another direction. Building up nicely to a smooth main section, this one shows off the boys’ dedication to and knowledge of the music.

Ear Pressure turns things towards the dark side once again, with some seriously heavy bass and vibrating effects. Convulsing, heavyweight basslines run up and down this one, instructing you to move your body and get involved. Closer Inflatable Skies sums things up perfectly, with floating electronics and street-ready beats blended to create something quite beautiful.

Source: Cygnus Music
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