Mainframe pres. NC-17, remixed by Mindscape, Dossa & Locuzzed

Release Date: May 16th, 2016
Beatport Exc: 2nd May
Label: Mainframe
Catalog Number: MFR076

Remix time! We sent out two of our best producers on remix duty, and this is what came out: ‘NC-17 RMXD’ is a remix single of two tracks from NC-17’s “Sex, Drugs, Lies, Alcohol & Video Tape” EP, which came out on Mainframe Recordings.

First off, Dossa & Locuzzed used their magic touch to transform NC-17’s “Soldiers” into a rolling banger, a new style delivered by the Austrian duo, showing us again their ability to perfect each and every “kind” of Drum & Bass.

The other artist who has been sent on remix duty is Mindscape. The very well-known Hungarian producer used his unique style on NC-17’s collaboration with QO, “We Rollin”, and dropped us again a massive dance floor hit! 

Source: Cygnus Music
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