GTA Recordings pres. Shaolin / I Need You

Grand Theft Audio Recordings are back in the game with their new release Shaolin / I Need You, courtesy of the two label-managers Nothing to Lose and Echidna.

GRAT022 consists of two tracks plus an instrumental version. Shaolin is a heavy banger with a long intro and aggressive vocals by Manchester MC Frisko. After the first minute, the track evolves with it's Neurofunk movements into a perfectly shaped tune to it's very last details. This track adds up to the heavier pieces of music on the label is most-likely going to receive loads of attention at forthcoming parties and radioshows .

I Need You has a mellower sound, which also relies deep and solid bass accompanied by aggressive percussion. You can feel a noticeable Jump Up influence, perfectly matching the racing lyrics of Island.

The release drops on the 4th of April and can be found on most digital music distributors. Links will be up soon.
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