Bass Blog Blog Mix #35, crafted by Alexus & Rcallz (Ruinheadz, Serbia)

Bass Blog Bulgaria Mix #35 is freshly delivered from Serbia. Introducing a duo from Novi Sad, this is one of their first collaborative sessions. Rcallz is a well-known name to our readers. He appeared in our Mix Series a few months ago, when he and Nerf sent us Mix #25 (crafted by Creeping Ruin). This time Danilo returns b2b with his girl Alexus, who is one of the newest names on the Serbian scene. Both of them are going to perform at this year's Broken Balkanz Festival, whereas Rcallz was part of the line up in 2015.

The mix covers the Half Step and Microfunk spectrum of DnB. It's just the fifth (including the MiDessie's one from  London) international set in our series, after the guest-appearances from United Kingdom, Serbia, Kosovo. With a length of about an hour, the mix includes a loads of minimalistic tracks, which are best for stoned listeners (a claim both of the artists support).

Here are a few words by both of them about the forthcoming edition of Broken Balkanz Festival:

'As first and more important than everything we expect to represent Novi Sad properly, with selection & skill through our sets. We are looking forward to a meeting with all the people from last year,and some newer people. This is first time for some artists from Novi Sad at the fest, so it is for Alexus. Young and rising drum & bass dj.' - Rcallz



Alexus is a 19-year-old DJ from Novi Sad, Serbia. Within only a year of being on the Serbian DnB scene, she's been on stage with some of the biggest names in the country and the region, such as Drop Sensei, Creeping Ruin, Subveiw, Kula...

Her sets are mostly characterized with a deeper sound, rich in Minimalfunk & Neurofunk tunes.
Artists which inspire her the most are Amoss, Alix Perez, Audio, Bredren, Emperor, Fre4knc, Tom Small, SkepticalXtrah, Noisia, Mefjus and many more.

You'll be able to hear her at her first international performance ever at this year's, Broken Balkanz Festival as she will be just one of the girls you'll see behind the decks.

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Creeping Ruin consists of three young Drum and Bass producers/DJs - Rcallz, Nerf & Gugutka. Signed to Bulgarian label Warfare Recordings, releasing dark & techie neurofunk drum & bass. The trio made their first performance together in late February last year, alongside the Drop Sensei crew, MC Coppa & Jae Overtech.

Both together and separately, the three have shared a stage with some of the biggest names in the global Drum and Bass scene such as: Audio, A.M.C., Mefjus, The Prototypes, Disphonia, Zombie Cats, Telekinesis, Splash Heads, L33, Billain, DBridge, Jubei, Pythius, High Roll, MC Coppa, MC Kryptomedic, Jae Overtech, Cooh, Ogonek, Myselor, Insom, Kodin, Tekitoka, Fa11out, Darko Stepic, Tecktone, Ironlung, Faith, Pandemic, Techdown, Rob Blaze, Drop Sensei, Subview, Monden, Fokus, Yebbigah and more. Their sets are a variety of dark neurofunk basses, very fast tempo and really energetic atmosphere, which makes staying indifferent to their set near impossible.

Last summer they made their first performance at Broken Balkanz festival, near Sofia,
and this year they are back for more. The trio is preparing another EP for Warfare Recordings and some other labels. More news revolving around them is on the way.

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