Audio, Pythius and Krypromedic with memorable performance in Novi Sad

Some people from Bulgaria have friends in Serbia. Naturally, we are not like them. We don't have friends there. We have a family - our distant cousins from Novi Sad. And for this New Year's Eve we decided to spend our time with them and went to their event SureNYE with Zombie Cats. As you know from our review, it was MASSIVE! And in my opinion, this was the proper start of 2016. So, during the last weekend, me and several friends of mine (Georgi Faith and Martin Pademic from Warfare Recordings / Underground Warfare) decided to take a trip to Novi Sad again. And this time, with a car. Avoiding the bloody and creepy emotions in the train was key (except for my nose, of course, which is bleeding because of the cigarette smoke, and in Serbia, they smoke a lot :) ).

So, after arranging everything the journey to the North Serbian city began. Despite that we left Sofia with a 3-hour-delay, we arrived in Novi Sad as scheduled. We had about an hour left before the start of the party, so we decided to find a Hostel or some place to take a shower. Tough task! Yes, there are a lot of Hostels in Novi Sad (as the local citizens told us), but we found the first of them after an hour or so. During these 60+ minutes, we got to know a huge part of the city, mostly the central part of it. Anyway, we reached our goal and were ready to party. The hostess gave us a map with the location of the club, as all three of us were SCKNS Fabrica-virgins :D

Luckily, we reached the club in time, just in the middle of the set of our big friend Danilo (aka Rcallz) from Creeping Ruin. So, some words about the place. This was the last Drop Sensei party at this location, because the biggest North-serbian organization will create it's events in Arena Spens in the future, which is the biggest party-place in Novi Sad. But the Fabrica was a nice place. Small, but well arranged, wide enough for several bars, a merch shop, stage, vip area (with cool 2nd floor room) and some 800 people. But this was the brightest club, we've ever entered. And the brightness lasted almost throughout the whole night. Too much lights! But the venue was nice. I am really happy, that I managed to visit it.

This time, Drop Sensei's DJs were not in the line up. They decided to stay aside and enjoy their creation, without actually being an active part of it. So, that opened several spots for really strong artists from all over the Peninsula. One of them was Danilo, aka Rcallz. When we entered the club, his set was already halfway through and the artist was on fire. With a lot of double drops, several tripple drops and huge mixing skills, Danilo revealed to the crowd how powerful Neurofunk can be. Huuuuge session! Again! After our big friend, on the stage was Dzonidza from Beograd, which was a completely unknown name for me and my trip-mates. But the artist pulled off a huge set, full of massive tracks and great crowd response. The Belgradian MC Bo_Jah gave his voice-support to the DJs mixes and the people in the public showed, that they liked this hype.

Third behind the decks (and just before the headliners) was Kodin from Croatia. To be honest, I knew him only as a producer (one of the best on the Balkan Peninsula, I must add), but never heared his set live. A big miss-out for me! Kodin showed great skills with the CDJs and prepared the crowd for the big names of the night: the UK grandmaster Audio, the Dutch brainiac Pythius and the unstoppable MC Kriptomedic. It is not every day that you can see artists from RAM Records, Blackout and Eatbrain on one stage. Moreover - on the Balkans.

And now - to the headliners. Pythius was first and ... Pythius did it! In his set I saw something from the old Black Sun Empire and State of Mind. Something from the past. Back when these two projects were the label of the Neurofunk sub-genre and it's sound. When they could still surprise me. But that was in the past, years and years ago. Now, to be honest, Blackout don't seem to be going anywhere fast to me. The artists sounds the same. The tracks - as well. Everything lost it's variations and colours. And it's soul, by my opinion. But Pythius' set was different and long-awaited. If each Blackout artist was like Pythius these days, the label can still be among the most beloved for the DnB fans, not for the newcome ravers only. Thank you, Pythius! Great skills, great selection! Great session!

Audio presented a different performance. He pulled it off too, but in his more hyping way. With a lot of well known tracks with their loud and easy-to-recognize drops. The crowd, naturally, liked this. Audio is one of the most loved DnB artists now and all the people in the club payed him the well deserved respect. He presented many of the RAM's tracks (and not only), old and new, and made all the fans scream and show possitive emotions! During the sets of Pythius and Audio, Kryptomedic added his huge MC skills and take more responces from the crowd to his colleagues behind the decks. Everyone was excited and everyone was happy!

Maybe the happiest man that night was my friend and one of the organizers of the event - Bozne! He purposed to his girlfriend and Oliveira sayd 'yes' on the very stage in front of the full venue. Congratilations you both! Wish you all the best in your jointly future!

The last spot in the lineup was for the Bosnian Fa11out. He is a part of the Bad Taste Recordings' roster, which are big friends of our platform. Fa11out closed the party in proper way. In his set, we could hear some Neuro bangers and several "slow-motion" Autonomic tunes (and that really surprised me). The lights was on and the venue was brighter than ever. And after the Fallout session, we were all about to leave the place and keep the great memories from the event. The next big DnB party in Novi Sad is going to be held in May the 7th and will be organized by Drop Sensei (of course!), this time in Arena Spens. The special guests are The Prototypes. We will write more information about this really soon!

Thanks to all our friends, old and new, in Novi Sad!
Vidimo se!

Author: DutZie
Editor: M34K(AAA)
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