A new voice in hip-hop: Alvarado is ready with her debut EP ‘Venusian’

In early February the 27-year-old rapper Alvarado released her music video for her debut track 'Pressure', which had a magnificent reception. Now she's on the stairs with the anticipated debut ep 'Venusian', which is released from CART records on April the 21. To present the EP she releases her music video for ‘Bad Boys’ today.

Both Pressure and Bad Boy$ is to be found on "Venusian" along with four other new songs. The EP is produced partly by Rob Smyles and partly by Jonas Fenger aka FENG FIVE whom Alvarado has known for a long time and liked working with. Together, the three have managed to create a delicious downtempo and vibey hip hop universe.

Bad Boy$
Unlike 'Pressure' 'Bad Boy$' was inspired by countless of girls night out, witch all the ladies can relate to. It's about the vibe that arises when several ladies gather together to take on the city: The state of mind that is "We know we are delicious, especially when we are many and we know that you stare". The song is also about the situation when you go home with a “Bad boy” and it ends up being too good to be true. Feelings arise, and you wonder if it's just the alcohols fault, or whether it's real. Should you drop the weekends with the ladies for him already?
The video was filmed recently, when Alvarado was in London to perform at the legendary venue Nambucca. The video is made as an authentic holiday video back in the 90s when old school video cameras were everyone's lives.

The single ”Pressure” will feature on Alvarado's debut EP titled Venusian. When Alvarado started to set aside her drum & bass MC'ing and devoted herself to hip-hop, the creativity began flowing freely and she wrote lyrics for a bunch of tracks. Six of them have been selected for the Venusian EP which will be released on CART Records in april this year. Alvarado describes Venisuan as a fairly mixed EP which balances themes, raps and beats. »It's all hip-hop but some of the tracks are definitely more down tempo and vibey,« she says. Venisuan also includes the very first love song she ever wrote as well as tracks with a much tougher rap style.

»It's all hip-hop but some of the tracks are definitely more down tempo and vibey,«

On Venusian, Alvarado deliberately avoids using typical rap punchlines. Instead she wanted to go deeper into different themes which are hinted at by some of the song titles: ”Pressure”, ”Karma” and ”Thinking About You”. Venusian is produced partly by Rob Smyles and partly by Jonas Fenger aka FENGSFIVE, whom Alvarado has known and wanted to work with for a long time.

Breaking stereotypes
With her music, Alvarado aims to break down stereotypes. Stereotypes about how you're supposed to be and sound as a result of your sex, especially in regard to the gender stereotypes in hip-hop – concerning what female or male rappers can and cannot rap about. People have often asked Alvarado: »Why do your lyrics have so many swear-words?« and »Why don't you rap in a brighter, more feminine voice?« »With this EP I'd like to break down all those expectations,« Alvarado says. She encourages people to stop holding themselves back because of their sex or other people's preconceived opinions.

The songwriter and rapper Karla Alvarado originates from El Salvador, grew up in the United States and moved to Denmark at the age of 10. During a tough upbringing with many restrictions, rap music became Karla Alvarado's biggest interest, and as a teenager she went on stage as a rapper. Later on, Alvarado joined a drum & bass crew in Copenhagen as an MC, went on tour and performed at many events, e.g.  at the biggest venues in Copenhagen and at the Roskilde Festival. However, Alvarado started missing her old favourite genre – now she resumes her hip-hop career.

Source: We Make Noise (Denmark)

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