20th release for Platform Music

Bulgaria-based Dubstep label Platform Music are about to drop their 20th consecutive EP. After the last couple of releases by the likes of Vallew (PTF019), DyaD (PTF018) and Rusus (PTF017), who presented their works for the label, it is time that has come for the man himself - Demon to join the powerful Bass platform. Owner at M.U.D  and M.U.V (Macabre Unit Digital / Vinyl) he signs a couple of emblematic tracks on Platform. Alongside him, on the EP you can hear Ill Chill, who is responsible for the vocal party of the second track.

The release kicks it with the heavy sounds of Skitzo, an aggressive 140-stabs-per-minute massacre, emphasizing on the heavy snare and dreadful bass. Immediately after it we hear Momentary, with a much more traditional sounding,bаcked up by Ill Chill's vibing lyrics.The release is characterized with its clarity and depth of sound, giving us the musical focus of Demon and the catalogue of Platform Music.

Release date: 18.04

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