Zerosum: Brutalism EP (by Cygnus Music)

From the South West of the UK, to the world, Lockdown Recordings has fast become a critically and popularly acclaimed label, for its consistent approach to the drum & bass and jungle music it represents. Music from producers like Cybin, Trex, Superior Selectionz, Locksem and more has seen Lockdown go from strength to strength. They face 2016 with the colossal Brutalism EP from Birmingham producer Zerosum

After his massive Albatross release for Lockdown, Zerosum's stock has been rising, and the new record comes at the perfect time. Spanning techstep and drumstep, with some more experimental vibes also evident, Brutalism shows off the style and depth of an artist on the rise.

The title track blends and morphs its way into life, establishing a repeating drum pattern and sliding percussion and effects. It drops down low, completed by a humming, slightly rising bass line and atmospheric clicks and pops. Adding just a touch of old skool sens ibilities, Zerosum adds his own vision to the future of the music. Fascinating stuff. The next one's got Teeth, as the artist begins to explore even more. Rolling along at a drumstep pace, this cut has some heavyweight bass at its heart, surrounded by a persistent beat and topped off with some shimmering electronics. Stripping things down to their bare essentials before steadily adding things back in, Zerosum shows off his skills, his passion and his heart. Serious business, right across the board.

Postosuchus is up next, moving with a steadier clip, as the producer pours in a break to go along with wavy synth lines and a mean, menacing backdrop. All of the Lockdown artists provide quality and depth, and this release is no exception. Tracks like this get under your skin and into your brain, rewarding multiple listens. There's plenty going on in Postosuchus, so go ahead and let it take over your world. Closer VR burns along at a half-time/autonomic kind of pace, adding in hu ge bass fields and running snares. Totally different to the other tracks, VR maintains the aesthetic built up elsewhere. 

Release date: March 7th
Label: Lockdown Recordings
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