TERMINAL: The project was launched

Our collective consists of forward-thinking labels carrying a part of the responsibility of the revolution and evolution of modern music, sound design and visual art forms. Individually we are BAD TASTE RECORDINGS, EATBRAIN and METHLAB – with more names set to join the platform soon. Attention to detail is everything, with each separate label having unique sonic and aesthetic visions - but combined as Terminal, we mould the strength of each entity into a new type of platform, both functional and creative – to operate as a pioneering technological entity in a digital age.

Today (24.03) marks the launch of our communications array – Terminal reimagines a Youtube channel as an immersive experience - the first electronic label entity focussed on 360 degree and VR content. It sets the ground-breaking sound we represent collectively within the context it deserves.

The inaugural piece, created by Amar Mulabegovic (The Macula) is introduced by the sound design of ground-breaking producer BILLAIN with TERMINAL INITIATION, designed to catapult eyes and ears into the recesses of the cyberpunk realm.

With the first track being a brand new remix by PROLIX of OXYGEN (DRILLA KILLA) from legendary and recently re-formed BAD COMPANY UK. With the original released on the deeply-respected ‘INSIDE THE MACHINE’ LP, it’s time to step inside yourself.

More high-grade content, as well as TERMINAL downloads are coming in the imminent future.

TERMINAL content is compatible with most present and forthcoming VR headsets, in combination with smartphones and desktop computers. It is also possible to explore on regular screens either with mouse or A,S,D,W keys on keyboard or intuitive phone motion.

Source: MethLab Agency
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