[Q&A] Tenor Fly: Bass music is a very powerful tool in many ways

On the 12th of March the British Bass Music formation The Freestylers are going to visit Sofia for the second time. The event will be held at local club *MIXTAPE 5*. Only this time, they won't be alone! Alongside them we will be able to see and hear another icon of the British musical scene- Tenor Fly. The MC has contributed for the progress of UK Hip-Hop, Garage, Breakbeat and Jungle music by taking part in a huge number of different collaborations over the years. Some of the artist's verses are considered as evergreen and unforgettable being sung by many youngsters all over the globe till this day.

Thanks to the one of the organizers of the event - club *MIXTAPE 5*, we were given the opportunity to talk to the illustrious artist. We asked him a couple of questions concerning Bass music and its growth over the years and the forthcoming event as well. There was absolutely no way we couldn't touch upon the favourite of many- "Tarantula". You can read the answers in the following lines, you can also find info for the event at the bottom of the page.



Hi, Jonathan! You’ve been part of the scene for 30 years now. You’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many genres in bass music. How did bass music as a whole evolve over this course of time?

I’ve seen evolved in many different styles, elements – I like the fact that there are many different styles – I like how it is evolving. Many new elements, many new sounds – it is great.

Is there anything music in the 21st century lacks compared to music in the 90s, something you would bring back in? 

I feel different from 90s till now. I like it actually, but maybe I would like to bring back more live elements – nowadays is more electro. This is one thing I miss – live bands, live voice.. etc. No matter what, I live in the moment, and I love music now or than.

Your music spreads across different musical genres such as Hip-Hop, DnB, Ragga, Breakbeat and others. What in your opinion brings all these styles together and is there a common language that unites Bass music?

I think that bass music – I come from Sound System, so bass music is really important for me. Bass music is a very powerful tool in many ways – it brings many different families, races, colors, people together. Its hidden power is  to unite people and this is how it makes the difference.

You worked alongside the Freestylers for many years. How did you meet and how did you choose to collaborate together?

I first met Aston of The Freestylers in 1990 – he was working as a sound engineer at the studio I was recording at. At that time I was working with Rebel MC on the track “The Wickedest Sound”- Aston was the sound engineer. This is how we met, it instantly became clear that we were about to work together.

Afterwards, in 1997 Aston formed THE FREESTYLERS and that is when he and Matt called me in to record the track “B-Boy Stance”. I also participated on 2 of their first albums. It was so powerful- the early 90's, the beggining of bass and all.

This relationship is still ongoing.

On the 12th of March you’re about to take part at the Club MIXTAPE 5 in Sofia, Bulgaria. What do you expect of the event?

I’m looking forward to coming to Sofia – it will be my first time – I’m excited about  show and I am sure that it will be a good show – I will be doing The Freestylers tracks , some jungle tracks, from my common works with Congo Natty and stuff like this.

Have you performed in Bulgaria or the region before?

Yes, in 2008, at the Festival – the vibe was good, but I don’t remember much, if I have to be honest.

How do you intend to surprise the Bulgarian audience? Have you already prepared your act?

I know some of the tracks, but I will be freestyling, as well – so I hope this will be a surprise for Bulgarian audience.

‘Tarantula’ has proved itself as an evergreen DnB hit. Even ten years after the track was released it still finds its way into sets and is continues to be well accepted by the audience. Would you perform part of the track in Sofia?

YES, I will be performing 'Tarantula' in Sofia – definitely. No patience!

Thank you for your time.Wish something to the readers!

Mm, peace and love!


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