Temple Audio: The first release

Temple is a place devoted to spiritual seclusion and introspection. In the often stressful and tense city life, everyone secludes in search for detachment, relaxation, inspiration, motivation. Temple Audio is devoted to providing forward looking and mature music made to appeal to audiophiles in general. It will be the place where you can find what you search for.


Originally from Watford, Hertfordshire, but now based in Bristol, Jevon Ives has been producing and experimenting with music since a young age. He always had a deep passion for harmonies and melodies, but it was only recently that he started singing over his own music. Since then he found a new passion for song writing, as he feels it allows him to set a vibe and create tunes exactly the way he wants them to sound.

Temple Audio is proud to present this young talent and his sounds to the world. His debut EP set to come out on April 1st 2016, featuring d-Los and Cruz, has four tracks made to calm the soul.

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