Mozyk pres. Exploding Geometry LP by Ghost

Cambridge based producer Ghost returns in the Mozyk's catalogue with the brand new LP, called 'Exploding Geometry'. This is the fourth full-lenght album, created by the artist and his second appearance Bulgarian label. The UK freak was a part of the Mozyk's first release, the 'Between the ears' compilation.

The 'Exploding Geometry' LP contains 17 heavy tracks, produced by Kenny Parish (Ghost) and one remix on the Tribazik's track 'Spacetime Collapse'. The album is going to be released on March 4th on Digital, CD and Audio Casette. Here is the full tracklist:

01. Troublesome Pixie 
02. Fluid 
03. Projecting Dawn 
04. Exploding Geometry 

05. Klang
06. Running With Scissors
07. Tribazik - Spacetime Collapse (Remix)
08. Yuki Onna
09. Butterfly Effect
10. Tidal
11. Submerge
12. Yuki
13. Ice Wind
14. Hyouga
15. Temple Of The Chocolate Coin
16. Crystalize
17. Cavescratching
18. Sleepscrapes
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