[Q&A] Emma G & Collette Warren: We are planning a very special set

Today the Bulgarian Liquid DnB organisation and party night Liquidizer celebrates its first birthday. On March 18th all the members of the crew are going to perform behind the decks in the resident club for their events - Bar Backyard (in Sofia). For the first time in the short history of the organisation, they're inviting international guests to perform at their party. The first Liquidizer Birthday is going to be headlined by two of the most respected ladies in the industry: Emma G and Collette Warren

Thanks to Liquidizer, we made a short interview with Emma G and Collette Warren. We asked them 6 questions and they gave us short and informative answers about the party and their forthcoming projects. It will take you 5 to 10 minutes to read the interview, so take a short break, read the article and get ready for party!


Hi, Emma and Collette! In a few days, you'll headline the first birthday of the Bulgarian Liquid DnB project Liquidizer in Sofia. Any expectations for the event?

We can’t wait to meet everyone! We don’t like to think too much about expectations, but we are planning a very special set which we are really looking forward to!

You are in Bulgaria for the very first time. Honestly, what do you know about Bulgaria and the DnB scene here?

We have heard great things about Bulgaria! We have played in Eastern Europe before so we know the fans out there are very passionate about the music, are super friendly and love to party!

What can the fans expect from your set on Friday? Are you preparing something special for the audience?

We are preparing a special Soulside style set packed with lots of fresh exclusive music including some of Collette’s new collaborations and forthcoming Integral Records music who Emma label manages for.

You've been working together for a long time. How did your collaboration start? What brought you together?

We met through MC Tali and our mutual passion for drum & bass. We first played a gig together in Slovakia a few years ago and since then we have become great friends and collaborate when we get the chance.
Are you working now on new joint tracks or you are focused on gigs and events only?

Gigs for now but hopefully tunes at some point in the future :)

Thanks for your time! Wish something to the readers.

We can’t wait to showcase our soulful sound and hope you will love it as much as we do!

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