Black Tuna Recordings with 2 new releases

Established in 2014, Black Tuna Recordings (BTR) is an independent record label run by a group of dedicated producers and DJs. BTR is focused on offering top quality music and promoting the community-focused lifestyle that goes with it. Nowdays, they have 2 brand new forthcoming releases with catalogue numbers BTR021 and BTR022.

BTR021: Fat Pat - Liquifried

Fat Pat returns to Black Tuna Recordings with his brand new Drum and Bass roller "Liquifried". Fat Pat is known for his greasy, trans-saturated fats, massive basslines, and his taste for musical adventure. Fat Pat's first BTR release came in the form of Fat Pat & Kursa "Sleepless Beats" with four original Glitch-Hop tunes to satisfy the palate. His second appearance on the label was in the form of "Odyssey" from calm#Pound , a duo comprised of Fat Pat and Melo. Nade focusing on smooth relaxing trip-hop "Liquifried" marks Fat Pat's first solo Drum and Bass tune on Black Tuna Recordings, kickin' off with a seriously groovy drum line, warm pads, and a smooth ethereal lead synth that sets a relaxing tone. "Liquifried" soon transforms, as the subtle relaxing vibe rolls into an aggressive percussion ride, with a lead synth that almost speaks to you. Fat Pat's drum and bass is fresh and full of BTR flavour.

BTR022: Brockout - Time Machine / Miracle

Brockout starts 2016 with his latest EP "Time Machine / Miracle". This two track record highlights Brockout's signature technique, whilst simultaneously showcasing his new sound. The Ep starts with "Time Machine". It embraces warm pads, lfo effects, and lo-fidelity dialogue samples creating a unique future-past tonality fit for a time machine. Heavy percussion, shimmering hats, and a low-end movement bring this track to life through a fusion of new and old. "Miracle" is the second track on the record and blends seamlessly out of the title track into an ambient pool of wonder, lead by bright stabbing synth pads, classic Brockout breaks, and an oddly reassuring dialogue sample. "Time Machine / Miracle" evokes a sense of adventure, and will leave you feeling excited and wide eyed.

Stay tuned for more Black Tuna Recordings Releases!
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