Bass Blog Mix #33, mixed by MiDessie

MiDessie is the artistic pseudonim of Dessie Meshekova. She's been part of the organisation for motley Bass music Mirizma for several years now. Mirizma was created in 2001 by the highly-regarded Bulgarian artist EXo. Electronic genres such as Dubstep, Drumstep and Autonomic have entered the Bulgarian scene thanks in large to the organisation. Although these music styles are not widely accepted by the public, Mirizma have not stopped trying to promote the unusual and unorthodox sound to the general audience. Their target group is the more intelligent music consumer who manages to filter the quality tracks from the avalanche of easy-to-consume "creativity".

As a part of Mirizma, MiDessie has shown her affinity towards the deep and not so intensive Bass music. Through the last several years she was one of the few active Bulgarian Dubstep DJs, along with a few other devoted artists. Although she hasn't ever produced her own music, Dessie is a proven expert at track selection and mixing. Her sets are charged with a certain dynamic - something that's missing a lot both from the Bulgarian and the worldwide Bass scene.

During the years MiDessie has performed on the stages of some of the biggest Bass events in Bulgaria. Her last gig was the second edition of the GetDarker night in Sofia. Before that she has performed on radio shows and at events organised by Mirizma, as well as several in the HMSU calendar. She has even performed at the oldest Open Air festival in Bulgaria and the first Drum and Bass festival in the region - Broken Balkanz. At the moment Dessie lives and studies in London, which has greatly reduced the number of her gigs, but we're confident that she will show her class in the British capital soon.

Several months ago MiDessie accepted to participate in our Bass Blog Mix section. Due to the everyday haste of her life and to other commitments in London, she was not able to record the set for quite a long time. But the lady has now recorded a brief selection with which it's our greatest pleasure to introduce a little bit of much-needed stylistic diversity in our Mix section. This is the first set created by a female DJ in our short history as a Bass music blog and it's also the first Bulgarian Dubstep mix that we've featured (even though it comes from London). Without any further ado or even an interview, we leave you to enjoy what MiDessie has recorded specially for our site:


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