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Mayan Audio is a label launched by Tony Labrum (Roklo) and Gary Wilson. The two producers started the publishing company in 2014. Despite the short time they've been around, the organization quickly found their place among the world DnB elite. The main idea behind the label is to discover and promote new British (and not only) talents who have the potential to grow into well known artists on the scene, After having their share of festivals and events across the UK and Europe, Mayan Audio are now ready with their first album titled 'Mayan Audio Presents 2016'. All artists on the label will take part in the LP. You can find the names of Recs, Kritix, Violate Cycle, Nuklear MC, Traced, Yen, Aze and others. In order to give more insight on the label and the forthcoming release we invited Rich and Craig of Recs (exclusively sighned on Mayan Audio). In the next couple of lines two brits will tell you about their musical endevours, their work with the label, the compilation and a remix by Maztek of their track Crank. Have a nice read!


Hey, Richard and Craig! You’re officially part of the Mayan Audio fam. When and how did you become part of the team? (Craig) We had our eyes on Mayan Audio as soon as they launched... Sent them some demos and they invited us down to the studio for a meet and greet and later that day asked if we'd be interested in signing exclusive so we bit their hand off!?
Tell us more about your music adventures before Mayan Audio. How did you two get together? Which labels were you working for back then?
(Rich) We met in 97 got into drum and bass early on and decided we wanted to be DJ'S (if only it was that simple) We used to buy all of our records together and whenever we played out I would DJ and Craig would MC... until we decided to try producing in 2002 and then did so on and off until 2011 when we said we want to start up again and reallt give it a go. We released some tracks with Audio Animals, GTA, Schedule One, DNBB but under all of these labels we were experimenting with different ideas and were a bit inconsistent. So we decided then we want to make heavy stuff and have been trying ever since then things began changing when we landed the release on Drum&BassArena 2015.

What is Mayan Audio to you? How does signing exclusively to them feel?
(Craig) We are happy with our decision as we approached them and have already had more success in the last 6 months than the years building up to meeting them!

Last month you released your first EP for the label. It consists of 2 tracks . What were your expectations of the release?
(Rich) We try to manage our expectations as you just don't know at the end of the day how a release will be recieved... after spending hours (days) mixing this release we just want people to enjoy our music the way we do. Plus we feel we are still very much up and coming and the competition is fierce so to be a part of at all is great but we are still paying our dues...

Were your expectations met? Are you happy with the feedback it received?
(Craig)Getting the feedback we did was overwhelming and to have the single played and supported by so many idols like Enei who played it when featuring on Frictions show and Joe Fords Kiss fresh mix was huge for us!

I understand you’re on Mayan Audio’s new LP that is due to drop on the 5th of February. This will be the first of four parts. Fill us in on the album, your track and the remix by Maztek.
(Rich) Crank is our contribution to the LP among some serious tunes! It's a great project to be a part of. We feel it really showcases everyone's talent and it's just the start really. When we found out Maztek was going to be remixing bloodhound we were chuffed to say the least! Once we heard the master of it we realised that it wasn't a dream and it was actually happening! A real treat for us as it's Maztek... plus we love his take on it cos it's bloomin heavy and the Noisia dropped it on their radio show which is ridiculous for is fan boys!

RECS - CrankAs we enter part 4 of 4 Recs drops this neuro tear out track, synonymous with their fierce pouding style...
Posted by MAYAN AUDIO on Monday, February 22, 2016

What is the main idea behind the album? When will the remaining three parts be released?
(Rich) Every Friday starting the 5th of February another part will be released exclusive on Beatport then the whole LP will drop globally on all platforms. From what we understand the album is very much an introduction of the Mayan Audio Roster of artists to the world as a sort of team effort. Even though the tracks were produced individually Tony (Roklo) and Gary have curated it (obviously) to say to the DnB community have a listen to this and keep it locked cos there's plenty more where this came from!

Are there any album launch parties on the way? When and where will it be presented?
(Craig) We have some parties lined up including Regression sessions at Fire on 24th March so lots of dubs getting a test run that night... I don't want to give too much away but there is plenty to stay tuned for from us and Mayan Audio as a whole!

Is there anything you’d like to add in case we didn’t touch upon it? Something important to you which has never been part of any interviews yet you would like to share?
(Craig and Rich) Just thankyou really to everyone supporting our music! It's always been a labour of love and still is really but we do really love making drum and bass so to get positive feedback makes it really worth while plus it's helped us meet lots of awesome people and we are very grateful for that. We are excited about the future as a part of Mayan Audio and can't wait for everyone to hear the future projects to come!

We wish you good luck!

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