Philip T.B.C - Genius Curve EP Remixes vol. 2

Philip T.B.C. - Genius Curve, remixed by Mindscape and Stonehigh

In May 2015 Czech DnB and electronic music producer Philip T.B.C. released his Genius Curve EP. It contained 3 tracks: Genius Curve feat. Elsa Esmeralda, Mushroom Clouds feat. Rabbi D and Little Metal Door. A few months later the Genius Curve EP RMX vol. 1 was released which consisted of several high-quality remixes by young producers Kalipo, Abstrakt, Burian, Dleeb and Real Transported Man. And now, several months later, the second edition of Genius Curve RMX EP is out!

This time the remixes come from Mindscape (vocal & instrumental remixes of Genius Curve) and the Stonehigh (vocal remix of Genius Curve). Both of the producers have put a fresh twist on the original track. The Hungarian neurofunk mastermind created a solid Drum and Bass track, adding a heavy bassline and fast drum sections under the Elsa Esmeralda's vocals. Mindscape has also created an instrumental remix, removing the vocals altogether. Stonehigh's remix is solid enough too with aggressive drums and broken bassline. All of the reworks (three in all, with the instrumental) are pure drum and bass masterpieces - all of them bringing different vibes and emotions.

You can buy the EP from the Philip T.B.C.'s Bandcamp for $3 or more. The whole discography by the artist can be purchased and downloaded for $26.50.


Genius Curve RP RMX vol. 2

The Original EP

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