Let it Roll Winter 2016: Official Afterparty

Each huge event deserves to be closed accordingly. This is the exact reason why Let it Roll Winter is about to be prolonged, hence, the Afterparty. The closing bash will be hosted by Storm Club in Prague(property of Let it Roll's main manager - Suki). Date of the event is 27th of February (Saturday), entry will be free for everyone who purchased a ticket for Let it Roll Winter.

This time two of the rooms will be open and its where we will be able to see and hear what is more than just a solid lineup of 20 DJs and a couple of Host MCs. Special guests will be Let it Roll artists: Suki & Bifidus Aktif, who will headline Room 1. There we will also enjoy Trimer, Scoundrel, Rushmore, JJ, Hyper Fizix, Arcane, Ak, Rivalize, Empex, Social Logic & MC Pasty Maker (Host). Room 2 will be sounded by Didz, Jaydee, Bookeyman, Poyzon, Stampdee, Papa Fuma, Broaderline, Scottie A alongside hosts Element, Loppa D, Alman and Double Gee.

The party starts at 21:00 CET.

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