[Q&A] Kutlo: I really like almost all kinds of music. Music itself is beautiful

Kutlo is among the new names on the global Neurofunk scene. For a very short period of time the Slovakian producer presented a couple of strong releases on Druid RecordsAmmunition, Mindtech, Future Funk and others. His name can also be found on compilations by Mindtech. This lad's tracks can be heard in the sets of some of the bigger names in the business and his popularity continues to grow day by day. Martin is undoubtedly one of the fastest progressing artists on the world Drum and Bass scene who will soon be among the biggest stars in the genre.


HelloMartin! You recently jumped on the Neurofunk scene and quickly became a recognized artistWhy did you choose Neurofunk?

Hello there ! Tough question. First thing is the energy and tempo that this subgenre has. It is not about that I do not like other subgenres but this one is really something „fresh“ and it is a big challenge to produce it. As it can be aggresive and dancy it can be moody and very progressive. I can say that it is definition of me. 

You’ve been on stage for a couple of years nowWhat would you say you managed to achieve in this course of time and what difficulties did you encounter?

I am really thankful for what I achieved so far. Gigs all around the country, meeting my idol producers, getting better at producing and a lot of signings to a great labels. But there is a one slovakian slang called „stále málo“ and it means „still not enough“ and that is why I keep going and trying to be better.
The whole beginning of this „career“ was a small difficulty. Hours and hours in front of the PC trying to make a cool tune. First gigs where I have been really nervous and played as a kid at the start of the party. But I would not call it difficulties. It is something I love and I understood I cannot just play as a headliner right from the start for example.

How were you drawn towards producingWhat is your personal mission as a producer?

Another big question guys! At first it was pure listening to it but after a time I got into the Djing. But still the Djing was not enough for me and I was really curious what its like to „make“ music. Then I found myself investing much more time in it – watching tutorials, trying random stuff in DAW etc. Its simply something that is making me happy and I love it.

What type of music were you into before you started making your own soundWhich were your favourite DnB artists?

It was 2010 I think when I first met with DnB and loved the same artists as now. From Noisia, The Upbeats, Mefjus to deeper side like Enei, Skeptical or even tunes from Technimatic. Every side of DnB has its beauty and is interesting with its elements.

Apart from DnB what other types of music are you intoWhich musical movements would you say influence you the most?

I really like almost all kinds of music. The only thing it has to have is emotion or idea. House, Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop, Classical etc. Music itself is beautiful. It's not only music which  inspires me. The Electronic music as a whole influence me the most. As I said before I do not listen only to DnB so that is why.

Which labels and organizations do you work with at the moment?

I am not sure to be honest haha. A lots of them right now. When it comes to recordings I am in contact with NeurofunkGrid, Eatbrain, Druid and many else. With DJ-ing its my homecrew Codered and others from Slovakia. 

Not long ago the Stone Age EP came out on our friends’ label Druid Records. Tell us more on the releaseWhat is the message behind it?

Stone Age EP represents that I also like the deeper and more atmospheric side of dnb. The name just struck my head when I was producing it and the whole idea reminded me of pre-historic humans and their vision of music. The B-side Vertical Align was made in my time of studying for high school finals, especially Math. Precision and techy sound represented my feelings back then.

What are your plans for the near futureReleasestrackscollaborations?

I have a couple of tunes which I still want to make perfect and try to release them somewhere good. There is something forthcoming on Genome Records and some tunes (also collaborations) which I cannot say about yet. Its gonna be year full of releases ;).

Is there anything we didn’t touch uponIs there anything you would like to add, something we didn’t mention?

Got almost everything. You forgot to mention and ask me for size of my shoes and my favorite food haha. I just really want to say that I am glad that so many people supports me and it keeps me going and getting better. Big up to everyone involved in my musical journey!

Thanks for the spared timeWe wish you a lot of success in your musical endeavour! Wish something to the readers!

Thank you and aswell for the interview. Kids remember, don't do drugs haha. Big up to Bass Blog Bulgaria and have a succesful year 2016 everyone :)


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