FSS & UW pres. Zombie Cats in Sofia (26.02)

Underground Warfare and Future Sounds of Sofia are two of the biggest organizations on the Bulgarian Drum and Bass scene. During the past several years of successful development, both crews organized many big parties in the largest bass music locations in their (and our) hometown of Sofia. Now, they are joining forces to invite one of the greatest Neurofunk projects in the last few years - Zombie Cats. The event is going to be held on 26th of February.

Rouven and Ross (Zombie Cats)
Zombie Cats are no new face on the DnB Scene. After years of countless releases on many respected Neurofunk labels, the old aliases were put aside for a new heavyweight vision. With a fresh production ethos that is up there with the best in the game, Zombie Cats found their new home on Eatbrain recordings, one of Europes biggest DnB labels. Their debut EP “Must Eat” was welcomed by fans and Dj’s alike, teaming up with long time friend Mefjus for the DnB chart topping title track. This year releases on respected labels such as Lifted, DnB Arena and Commercial Suicide have pushed further forward..and with forthcoming releases on Bad Taste Recordings and collaborations with other respected producers like Maztek, L33 and more, Zombie Cats are still not done with 2015.

The second headliner of the event is Bulgarian Neurofunk mastermind L 33. In the last few years Dayan became one of the most popular young producers in the business. With a several releases for Eatbratn, Bad Taste Recordings, ProgRAM, Addictive Behaviour and many more, the artist made a big step in his career. Nowdays, L 33 is working on solo album for the Hungarian label, which is going to be released in the next few months.

L 33 on Drum and Bass Avalanche (Gallery)
The event is located in 'Orpheus' Studio - one of the newest and largest music locations in Sofia. Besides Zombie Cats and L 33, behind the decks will perform several artists from the two host-organizations. The mighty DJ and producer Phirah is going to represent the Future Sounds of Sofia crew and for the Underground Warfare will play the trio Funk Aesthetics (the common project between Faith, Techdown and Pandemic, Warfare Recordings' owners and creators). The event is powered by massive 30kw Funktion-One SoundSystem, which means all the compromises with the sound are unfolded.

The first tickets was with promotional price of 10 lv (5 Euros), but now they cost 15 lv (7,5 Euros). The tickets are now on sale in Ticketlogic.BG. The event starts in 22:00 (local time) and ends (by plan, but who knows) in 06:00 on 27th of February.


More info about the two host-organizations

Future Sounds of Sofia is a musical collaboration dedicated to the soft, but deep, vibrant and soulful drum & bass and its common sub genres. Following their vision "Visual and Vocal Drum and Bass", Smartech, Presize, Robustus and Phirah are constantly seeking new types of experience for the followers of this sound.

Underground Warfare is a Bulgarian DnB organisation created in 2007 by Georgi Nikolov and Luboslav Iliev, stage names Faith and Techdown. The main goal is the development of the DnB music in Bulgaria, and more specifically the futuristic sub-genre "Neurofunk". 2014 saw the creation of their label Warfare Recordings, whose aim is to push the Neurofunk sound through their own productions, as well as guest releases from other international names, both established artists and new talent.

Faith & Techdown

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