FORM12183: Spexion - Inspexion EP

Spexion a.k.a. Reuben Harris is a 30 year old DJ/Producer from Northamptonshire, UK. Having been a DJ playing out since the age of 16, Spexion has plenty of experience in how to control a dance, and you can regularly find him in various events up and down the country, playing various forms of eclectic electronic music. He is now among the exclusive signings of DJ SS’s label Formation Records. For the past few years he has released a good amount of tunes for the label including his Nebula EP and several other singles. Now it is time for him to present his second 4-tracks release for Formation Records called Inspexion EP.


1. Vortex

2. Engage
3. Cabin Fever
4. Spin the Bottle

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