Comanche Records with new exclussive singnig and new release

Comanche Records Presents: Picota & KumbhPicota & Kumbh – Alpha Centauro EP (Due 7th March 2016)

Following a year that saw the label launch in a big way, COMANCHE kick 2016 off by reaching to the stars with Spanish producers PICOTA & KUMBH and their ALPHA CENTAURO EP. With releases to date on Citrus, Kosen and Fumei amongst others, their deep, dark and dirty bass provides the perfect vehicle to steer the dance off-planet.

ALPHA CENTAURO opens with entrancing sci-fi pads that easily evoke the vastness of space, before dropping into a bleak and edgy breakbeat assault backed by scarce cinematic elements. CONVICTION opens on an eerie note, drenched in reverb and strings with sinister attitude before smashing into activity with a rowdy bassline that’ll undoubtedly get the crowd moving. KING’S CAVE evokes horror soundtracks of old with a piano-led opening that makes way for a shifty roller with an oldschool edge.

Picota & Kumbh make a strong debut on Comanche, with more to be expected from this duo on the label in future. Comanche have opened their doors to new talent from around the world, heralding a future of fresh material and exciting ideas from new entrants to the label as well as Coppa’s own material.

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