Agressor Bunx again! This time for Bad Taste Recordings.


1. Total Destroy 
2. Crusader 

Cat Number: BT048 
Formats: Vinyl & Digital Release 
Dates: - Beatport exclusive: 19th February 2016 - General release: 4th March 2016 - Vinyl release: 4th March 2016 
Label: Bad Taste Recordings 

Agressor Bunx

BAD TASTE RECORDINGS follow up their funk-fuelled introduction of MALUX into their fold with a brutal pair of hard-hitting tracks from Ukraine’s leading rising neurofunk stars AGRESSOR BUNX

CRUSADER comprises a lean and chunky roller with minimal percussion driven by a bassline that means to level everything in its path with its girth. TOTAL DESTROY brings the war drums out, with a cinematic choral battle cry and relentless waves of pulsating bass set to pulverize dancefloors. This pair of weighty tracks sets out to immerse the rave in low frequency mayhem punctuated by lean but on point percussion.

Agressor Bunx are set on an awe-inspiring trajectory, with an incredible array of releases lined up to annihilate sound systems worldwide. Bad Taste smash things again with their artist and track selection in delivering this incredible single.

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