Warfare Recordings pres. The 'New Generation EP' by 2Whales (WFR005)

In March 2014, Warfare Recordings was officialy launched as a new Bulgarian label, whose aim is to push the Neurofunk sound through their own productions, as well as guest releases from other international names, both established artists and new talent. After four consecutive releases, the organization made a big impact on the international stage. With support by DnBPortal.CZ, Druid Records, GTA Recordings and more, the label is ready to release their fifth EP, produced by the Russian duo 2Whales.

2Whales is a new project, launched by the two young Russian producers Catch Me & YaK. With releases for Close 2 Death, Yousofat and Greypost, the duo makes a huge step in their fast and successful growing. Now, they are ready to debut in the Warfare Recordings' roster with a massive 2-tracks 'New Generation EP', which is going to be released on 10th February.

'Our project was created in the middle of 2014. Earlier we worked separately, but when we met we both understood that we should work together. That moment we decided to produce music as a duo. Some months later we understood that our main aim is dnb.' - 2Whales


Amatory is a high,intensive Neurofunk banger with a heavy bassline and fast and detailed drum sections, full with dark elements. Croshit is more atmospheric, but also hard and fast, as hard nad fast as Neurofunk must be. For the two tracks, the duo says:

'The main idea is to show our vision of DnB. Croshit - absolutely mad track, it will make you feel the energy of our music! Amatory - something experimental and very moving. We created the EP in a month, using two speakers and a PC only!'
About their collaboration, Warfare Recordings and 2Whales says:

'We are working with Warfare recently, but we already like the way they are working. Wanna wish this guys good luck on their long DnB way :) ' - 2Whales
'The 5th Warfare Recordings release is here! We present to You the Russian command 2Whales.Their Warfare baptism comes in the form of 2 tracks entitled Amatory and Croshit - hard hitting neuro beats typical for the Russian Neuro school.' - Warfare Recordings

'We wanna wish every dnb listener to support their favourite artists , cause it s very important for us.' - 2Whales

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