Noize Suppressor: I started to work on a new Album for the 20th anniversary

Do you remember what happened on the 9th of October in Hristo Botev Hall? How could you forget! The biggest Hardcore event ever in the region gathered two of the biggest names on the stage in Bulgaria: Angerfist & Noize Suppressor, supported by the Hard techno legend Mario Ranieri, the Hardstyle artist D-Toner and the Bulgarian DJ X.

After the devastating 4-hour-b2b-session between the Masters of Hardcore artists and their crazy stage diving, we spoke with Noize Suppressor about an interview for our website. He agreed and after a short delay, we now have his answers. We are so happy to publish this interview now as Alessandro celebrates the 20th anniversary of his project in 2016.


The Interview

Hey, Alessandro! You have been part of the Techno, and partly - the Hardcore scene for a long time now. When and how did you find your way into this music?

Basically, I found my way into this music when it started. It was an indescribable feeling when I heard a distorted Kickdrum for the first time. I got hooked immediately. From there on I haven’t stopped loving this music.

You are a cadre of the Italian Hardcore scene, one of the best developed Hardcore scenes worldwide. How hard was it for you to come to light in Italy and to become a widely known name throughout the world?

It was very hard. I had to sacrifice lots of things in live in order to get where I am now. However it was very hard to get up there, but it is much harder to stay.

In your opinion, how has Hardcore music evolved over the years? What are the fundamental differences between "then" and "now"?

In the early days Hardcore was more experimental and simpler than it is nowadays. 20 years ago I could make a full track in one day, due to the simplicity of the arrangements. Today I can easily spend days designing sounds. Overall music production became more complex and technical. Because of the complexity of those tracks task takes much longer to be accomplished. In some cases this technical workflow reduces the creativity. That’s why it’s important to find the right balance between good quality and a good idea at the same time.

You've had releases for D-Boy Records, as well as many other labels over the years. What pushed you to start your own record label - Noize Records?

I was signed to D-Boy Records. In 2005 D-Boy Records closed and I decided to move on by myself with my own Label. I always liked the idea to be in charge of my releases and not having somebody telling me how my tracks should sound like. On D-Boy Records I had this type of freedom and I wanted to keep it that way.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At this moment this question suits better than ever :)
After four releases in 2015 I started to work on a new Album for the 20th anniversary of Noize Suppressor. Of course I will do collaborations with bunch of DJs, but that’s going to be a surprise and a good reason for you to keep an eye on it.
Meanwhile Stereotype is releasing almost monthly on Noize Records.

Tell us an interesting story of something you witnessed during any of your performances.

After 20 years of performing I’ve seen way too much, but I can not mention any of these in public. Probably you should stop by one day, bring some beer and I have lots of crazy stories to tell.

On the 9th of October you visited Bulgaria for an event organized by Hard Nature. What are your impressions of the affair?

It was my first time in Bulgaria and after seeing what went down, definitely not the last. It was a crazy night including stage dives and me MCing (what never happens) while performing with Angerfist.

You did a 4-hour joint performance alongside another legend from the Hardcore scene- Angerfist, literally tore the place apart! Who's idea was this b2b performance?

We decided to play b2b together. We already played together couple of times and we thought you guys would appreciate a four hour set of Noize Suppressor b2b Angerfist.

What happened in Hristo Botev hall will be long remembered by the Bulgarian fans. What do you think of the Bulgarian public?

You guys are true party animals. The Bulgarian crowd doesn’t have parties like this every weekend and if they finally have one, they go bananas. The atmosphere was way beyond our expectations. This crowd left a huge impression on me. I can’t wait to come back and part with you guys again.

Would you like to participate in Bulgaria again?

Most definitely!
I can’t wait to come back again in Bulgaria. You guys left something magic inside me!!! 

Than you for your time! Wish something to the readers!

I have much respect for you guys. Hope to see you soon!

Noize Suppressor

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