Kryptomedic: 'We stay quite when it's right'

There are two reasons to invite Kryptomedic to do this interview. The first one is the old tired 'Bulgarian DnB fans don't like MCs'. As the only (up to date) home-grown, domestic and fully Bass Music orientated media, we try to keep our fans informed instead of close minded and ignorant, we chose to introduce them to someone who knows how to act behind the mic. Another good reason to do the interview is that Kryptomedic is going to be one of the headliners who will take part in the massive 4th Birthday of our Serbian partners DROP SENSEI.

So, we asked Kryptomedic for interview and he agrees. More than that. He answered our questions just a hour after we sent them to him. In the next few lines, USA born / Germany based MC talks about his background and the begining of his career, about his opinion on MCs (good and bad ones), his projects and favorite tracks. Have a nice read and let the rhymes be with you!



Hi, Mike! In a year, you became one of the most popular DnB MCs in the world. What’s the secret behind your boom? 

I have to laugh when I read this question, it is, for me, a bit strange, in that it's also a compliment and I'm still working on getting used to those. Lol. Anyways I wouldn't say that I somehow became popular overnight or anything, it's been a long process really. As far as a secret, I don't think there is one. Really it's all about hardwork and often years and years of it.

You grew up near Boston. Tell us more about your first steps in MC-ing and your musical background.

I grew up outside of Boston and I guess my first steps in MC-ing were with my friends Freddy and Derek. They were both a bit older and much better MCs, both went on to drop albums if I'm not mistaken, Derek even moving out to California and working with bigger producers. Back in the day we would flow and record on a 4 track I guess and I remember writing down lyrics in like 98 or 99 at school, that real average kind of story these days I guess. Funny thing though is I still know that full verse by heart and sometimes drop it on stage at shows still. I never ever....ever, ever, ever, ever... thought that would be the case. Who knew...
smile emoticon..

When did you hear Drum and Bass for the first time? What did you like about this style the most? Why did you choose to become a DnB MC?

Its funny because as we entered 2016 I went to a gig in Mannheim at the 7er club and there I watched E.Decay, local resident and former member of the legendary Raw Hill Crew, play a 3 hour set. I was just at the event for fun, and it was great to just enjoy that again. But to be honest about it, that set totally flashed me somehow, that night I remembered the first party I ever went to. It was 2003, the venue was The Capitol in Mannheim and the event was Raw Hill Crew Live with everyone, Daddy Freddy, The Ragga Twins, E.Decay, I think Krasq'n and Royce and just the whole damn crew was there.... I will never ever forget that gig, Raw Hill Played a tune live called (I think) Jungle Aint Selling or something and it had this female singer banging away a chorus and just the beat and everything about that tune was (and still forever is in my opinion) on point. So that was it, that was the first time I ever heard dnb or saw it live anyways and it completely changed my entire life... how crazy is that.... madness.

What would you advise your younger colleagues? What do you consider a key quality in order to be a successful DnB MC?

I think it's super tough to be successful in Drum and Bass, I remember once sharing a meal with MC Kemo and he said to me... For someone to have success, the stars have to align just right for them at the perfect time. He mentioned how it happened for him and Lynx and told the story of how that felt. I think it's really true, and that conversation definitely helped shape how I view it and feel about it all a lot I guess. For me I would say I spent years trying to skip or flow like other MCs I had heard or seen live. It wasn't until I totally let all that go and just did me, you know, like; got faded, went out, rhymed less (as a fan of music sometimes not at all if a track is perfect), busted out some Biggie or Tribe Called Quest or Beastie Boys or whatever it was I was on about that night and just had fun. Once I got on about that and just found my own personal vibe that was it for me. I think its what is different from other MCs, my roots are no where based in dnb, they are based in punk and hip hop, in ska and punk, in random music and just everything, so I try to do that. I think that is a good tip, or I hope so anyways... Just do you. Whatever it is, stay true to that and do you...that is what makes you you. That is key. 

Most of your performances are on Neurofunk tracks and sets. Why Neurofunk?

So this is a fun topic and one I am more than happy to address. I DO MORE THAN NEUROFUNK smile emoticonThe same way a year or two ago I had to make people aware then that, I did more than just deep. I hope people do notice, I bring stuff out on Eatbrain with Mindscape, and also smooth Hip Hop with Rowpieces on Fokuz.... That being said, when talking about Neurofunk, I think my Vegas has put it somehow best to say it's not really its own genre in his eyes, it is just the word we have all entered a nonverbal agreement to use when describing just Drum and Bass. That amazing, pushing, bass driven and drum focused music and sound that we all fell in love with in the early 2000s... Sure it has developed soooo much, and everything gets deeper and heavier or more in your face and big or however it is you choose to describe it.... but that is just progression. No one wants to jam to the same thing forever, Sure classics are classics, jungle is jungle and that isn't what I mean, rather though a style and genre. For me its the tempo and the bpm to be honest, coming from the backround I have to be able to skank to the music so similar to ska or punk concerts of my youth, and yet still be able to spit rap over it, that is dope. I think that is why I fit well with Neurofunk. I love to rap, and I love heavy music.

At live performances: coherent and meaningful lyrics combined with a nice flow or hype shouts? What’s better and in which situations?

Substance over sylabils. Every time. ...well for me anyways, that is for sure how I value lyrics. If you can spit faster than any human but ain't saying shit then perhaps its best to keep yo mouth shut foo. Please note, no words were harmed or misplaced, nor misspelled in the making of the previous statement. 

Anyways, it is clear when looking through my lyrics they are quite different than other artists

“After a tacticle ambush, I hold you for ransomlike ravers get your hands up, one day tell this to your grandson”

Often I dont write lyrics for the stage, maybe even almost never. It is really hard to fit those lines here into a flow on stage, I know, I have tried. For me though now I am at a point where I have been doing it long enough to know whats what. It is true that for different shows and crowds different things work. For some shows where I would be doing Eatbrain or Blackout stuff, I think that comes from a place inside of energy and being hyped, maybe even letting aggression out sometimes, like at Let It Roll 2015. I had no idea going out there what I was going to do and somehow during the set practically attacked the stage I was on as I was jumping around and going at it, I climbed the damn dj booth and hung from the outside while hosting. Haha... lol when I think about it actually. 

The otherside of that is liquid or deep, which I also tour doing, last year having gigs with Lenzman, Hybrid Minds, Gerra & Stone and LSB to name a few. When I do those gigs, its more about getting proper faded and vibed out and often none of what I spit is written, the majority of what I do at those shows is let loose or like reflect, like express deep pains or things in lyrics off the top of the head and a lot of what I have done has later ended up in songs as when I listen back to such shows I am often surprised and hype on how different freestyles worked out.

“There many paths you gonna cross, a many roads you gotta choosepaths you gonna cross, and roads you gotta choose....but for all the roads you never chose, just know you on the right one,right here, right now... for all the roads you never chose, just knowyou on the right one, right here, right now...”

That was freestyled back in 2012 in Mannheim after I had a break up or something and was flowing I guess with Blu Mar Ten or someone... anyways, I love those lyrics and use them all the time.

Ok, there is no way for me to jump this question. In some countries the crowd doesn’t like MCs when it comes to DnB. Your opinion on this? Where is the problem and what can be changed?

That is really true, and very simple to answer. MCs suck. They fill music with words and if its too much and too many words (which it often is) the audience doesn't get to hear the music. Like if you skip over Rawtek's Snowflake... mate, you fucking miss the point of music. Quit and go home.
I think that is a very relateable problem for all fans out there... Fortuneately for those fans there are the greats, your Dynamite, DRS, SP, whoever... and people like Coppa or myself who aren't just hype MCs, we got bars, we stay quite when it's right, we can pay omage to the classics and bust out some 6 million ways to die or classic lyrics, whatever.... and I think that is the answer to all those crowds and promoters and countries... It's not about booking MCs, it's about booking the right ones, give the people the chance to see the shows proper, to hear the music not be destroyed, give them a new chance to see and learn a new breed of MC and host, as I truly do think for the most part, the trend has moved from using asmany words as possible to actually just doing it right.

(Even have to big up Harry Shotta here, look man, that dude got class, speed, skills, so this is me bigging that up and saying when done right its dope as fuck)

About your studio projects. Do you plan on some new collaborations? Which artists do they include and which labels will host them?

This is a fun question, answer is... I am not telling smile emoticon'haha' there are new things coming left and right, new labels, new artists, everything..... I just continue to push forward and do work and Im stoked when people dig it or write or buy it and support in any way. 

You are one of the most productive MCs on the DnB scene. Can you point out your top 5 of the tracks you’re on?

Break Ya Neck - Mindscape ft Kryptomedic - Mirror Universe 2 (EatbrainLP003)

Driveyard - Pythius ft Kryptomedic (BLCKTNL022)
Labels - Kryptomedic ft Emphasis, Phlage, Kaiza, Rune (CITRUS14048)
Melt - Rregula & Dementia ft Kryptomedic - (Turning Point LP Citrus)
Another Day – Kryptomedic ft Midas (Forthcoming IN:Deep)

On the 23d of March you’ll be in Serbia for the fourth Drop Sensei Birthday. Any expectations? 

I have heard great things about Serbia from all my mates who have played there, I'm really looking forward to a great night and hope the energy is what everyone says it is!

Thanks for your time! Wish something the readers!

Thanks for the interview, was a fun bit over a morning coffee! Big ups to anyone reading this and or loving dnb music, we love you!


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