FORM12180: Subsonik - Spectre EP feat. Pish Posh & Glitch

Subsonik fell in love with Drum & Bass in 1996 but has in fact been involved with music for much longer, having played the drums for over 20 years! He began DJing and in 1997 played his first event alongside Wally ‘Pish Posh’. It took seven more years for Mark to get bitten by the production bug, but once he had there was no looking back. 

Combining his love of both Trance and Drum & Bass, his musical output mixes the epic melodies and atmospherics of the former and the punchy breakbeats and weighty bass of the latter to devastating effect. He won the award for Outstanding Producer/DJ at 2015 North American DnB awards. In 2015 Subsonik has also been signed to Formation Records exclusively and now it is time for his debut “Spectre" EP. This amazing release is with guest collaboration from NYC dnb legend Pish Posh, as well as US neurofunk godfather Glitch, delivering an equally pummeling as it is epic and melodic collection of tunes. These will smash up the dancefloors. Watch out for Subsonik on The World of Drum’n’Bass’ USA tour.

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