FORM12177: Skiller & High Roll - The Light Remix & Make up your mind

FORM12177: Skiller & High Roll - The Light Remix & Make up your mind

The Light - Remix EP

1. djss remix
2. Sikka remix
3 Balkansky
4. Make up your mind feat djss

The collaboration between High Roll and the world’s beatbox champion Skiller is a well expected turn of events in Bulgaria, their home country. After many years of joint work on different events, they arrive at the next logical point in their career - a mutual track. The mix of the two fields that the artists majored in - beatboxing and drum and bass - leads to the production of the stylish and yet very unique in terms of sound tune The Light. Each single sound in this song is created by Skiller’s mouth and arranged in this track by High Roll. The production is featured by an attractive video that was presented to the fans over a month ago, and the original version can be downloaded for free from Formation Records’ Soundcloud page.

The official release will contain three remixes that are totally different from one another - one from DJ SS, one from Sikka, one from Balkansky + a funky roller bonus track from High Roll & DJ SS called Make Up Your Mind.

In 2011 Skiller wins the prize for best show/gig and the first prize at the biggest international beatbox contest - "Grand Beatbox Battle 2011" in Basel, Switzerland. At the end of March 2012 he participates in the world’s beatbox championship in Germany and again wins the first prize.

Dimo Panguelov (Mocks) and Martin Popov (Konspirator) are certainly among the most emblematic artists on the Bulgarian electronic scene. Then and there, at the dawn of this relatively young musical trend, the two of them take a firm stand among the front line of the Bulgarian organization for drum and bass culture - H.M.S.U. (in 2005 and 2003, respectively). Both of them are sworn admirers of the unconventional rhythm and, even though each of them follows a different path, they share a common addiction to music.

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