BTR015: Levrige - Samhain

Established in 2014, Black Tuna Recordings (BTR) is an independent record label run by a group of dedicated producers and DJs. BTR is focused on offering top quality music and promoting the community-focused lifestyle that goes with it.

Black Tuna Recordings proudly presents Levrige and the "Samhain" EP. Levrige is comprised of two artists from Vancouver, BC by the names of Erski & JFKillah. "Samhain" marks Erski's fourth release on BTR along side his debut EP "Scenster" under the alias Eradik ft. Enkryption, his remix of Hedway's "At You" and the single "Just For Me" by Levrige on the Half Ounce LP. JFKillah features her second release on BTR along side partner Erski.

The title track "Samhain" leads with its melodic growling synths and light complimentary atmosphere, providing the fuel for a crisp, driving pulse. "G Force" follows with a deeper, cavernous ride through the minds of Levrige. The technical drum sequencing, minimal vocal samples, and a murky vibes set a down and dirty tone fit for a b-side.

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