Zombie Cats - Zombots EP will be released in December

The Zombie Cats unleash a new type of evil into the Drum & Bass compound with their 'Zombots EP' on Bad Taste Recordings. The 3 hulking neurofunk killers within come at listeners with unbridled ferocity, led by the truly hefty title track ‘Zombots’ assembled in collaboration with Bulgarian producer L33.

Abandoned’ cuts a desolate minimal path with tight percussion and subdued synths spilling from its seams, while ‘No Choice’ lays out a restless vibe with its swift beat volleys. With their debut on Bad Taste Recordings, the Zombie Cats land on all four feet delivering a devastating assault for the dance.

The 'Zombots EP' is going to be released on 11th December 2015 by Bad Taste Recordings in Digital format. You can pre-order the tracks here:

- iTunes
- BadTasteRecordings



L 33


Also, Zombie Cats are giving away one of their Big Box for Cristmass, incliding many of their branded aricles. You can find more info in their Facebook publication:

WIN the BIG Zombie Cats Box!You can win the BIG Zombie Cats Box on Christmas! Only 1 Box will be given out. The Box...
Posted by Zombie Cats on Friday, November 13, 2015
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