Recs with first release on Mayan Audio

MYN007 by Recs is now exclusive on Beatport

Mayan Audio are proud to present the first release from their exclusively signed artists, Recs. The duo drop "Bloodhound/Short Circuit" ahead of the Maztek remix of "Bloodhound" which is due out in the New Year on a forthcoming various artists LP. 

The original is here in all its glory, showcasing what the Cambridge-based crew are all about – heavy, tech inspired music, with more than a dose of steppy, rolling beats designed to do damage. After early releases on Audio Animals ("Deep Inside/In Time") and Schedule One Recordings (the "Protocol EP") the massive "Afterlife" found its way onto the famous Drum and Bass Arena 2015 Album. They're now ready to face the future with "Bloodhound/Short Circuit" on Mayan Audio

"Bloodhound" throws you headlong into the world of Recs. A thumping, resounding intro draws you in, and when the bass drops, you won't know what's hit you. Sharp, intense and unrelenting, this one's got anthem stamped all over it. The drums work on all sorts of levels, with attacking kicks complementing live-sounding snares and percussion sounds. Futuristic, but with plenty of soul and groove, "Bloodhound" unites the techy influences which Recs so clearly have, with their love of all forms of drum & bass music. Watch out for that remix soon come. 

"Short Circuit", meanwhile, picks up the vibe and takes it far, far away. This sensational track ploughs its own groove, with snatched hip hop samples being mashed and toyed with into something else entirely. Flashing bleeps, frenetic beats and electronic surrounds make up this one, as Recs take you deep down the rabbit hole. Mayan Audio are making a name for themselves with quality releases and great artists, and the addition of Recs will only boost things even more.

"Bloodhound" and "Short Circuit" are going to be everywhere, so make sure you grab a hold. You can find the tracks exclusive on Beatport. On 18th December the release will be uploaded to all other online music shops.

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